Forrey Grill’s culinary expertise goes beyond their exceptional salad bar and full bar experience. We are dedicated to creating mouth-watering pasta dishes that will leave you craving more. Utilizing only the finest and freshest ingredients, Forrey Grill’s pasta menu is an indulgent celebration of Italian cuisine.

From classic favorites like spaghetti marinara and fettuccine Alfredo to innovative dishes featuring seasonal ingredients, there is a pasta dish to satisfy every craving. The expert chefs at Forrey Grill carefully craft each pasta dish, combining high-quality ingredients with time-honored techniques and modern culinary trends. The result is a symphony of flavors that will transport you to the heart of Italy. So, whether you’re a pasta connoisseur or simply in search of a satisfying and delicious meal, Forrey Grill’s Pasta Perfection is the ultimate destination for Italian cuisine lovers.